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Check-up options

Even though we feel deeply committed to make sure our patients receive the best treatment in times of disease or injury, one of the main priorities of healthcare is not only to cure, but to prevent diseases in every possible way. In recent years people all over the world have become more and more aware of the importance of regular check-ups and general examinations.
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To help you create your own personal check-up plan to suit you and your needs and concerns, we have created bundles that include the most reasonable and fitting examinations regarding the different medical specialties.

Extended Cardiology Check-Up

Overall Health check-up

Human Digestive System (Stomach Anatomy)

The Optional Stomach Check

ENT Specialist Examinations

Urinary system zoom with body anterior view

Urology Preventive Check-Up

Gynaecology Preventive Check-up

In the Hospital, Mammography Technologist / Doctor adjusts Mammogram Machine for a Female Patient. Modern Technologically Advanced Clinic with Professional Doctors. Breast Cancer Prevention Screening.

Breast Cancer Prevention

Frau bei Augenuntersuchung

The specialized eye check-up

Skin Cancer Prevention

Human Skeleton Anatomy Isolated

The Skeletal Status Check

3d illustration of human elbow injury, medical concept.

The orthopedics Check-ups

Special allergy Check-up

Emotional disorder and human emotion or mood problem as a tree shaped as two human faces with one half empty branches and the opposite side full of leaves as a medical metaphor for psychological with 3D elements.

Mental Health state check

Our Special travel Preparation

How does a foreign medical experience work?​

Initial meeting & assessment

Your treatment abroad